Dental Services Perth


While Dr John Moran’s 3 Perth dental implant clinics specialise in dental implants, you can also ask for information about the clinics’ other caring, high-quality dental treatment services in Perth.

Regular Dental Checkup

Routine dental checkups in Perth include regular teeth cleaning to remove scale by a dental hygienist. At that time if the hygienist detects problems with teeth a dentist can be called in to check and fix teeth problems at a dental clinic in Perth.

Crown and Bridges Perth

Crowns fitted in Perth are a hard protective cap glued on top of damaged teeth to present a strong biting surface which fits in with opposing teeth. Bridges fitted in Perth are a row of strong ceramic teeth spanning a missing tooth/teeth.

Teeth Whitening Perth

Teeth whitening in Perth is best done by in a dental clinic by a qualified experienced dentist or teeth whitening expert. They carfully use stronger strength bleaching agents and or UV radiation of teeth.

Tooth Fillings Perth

Teeth fillings in Perth done early before extensive decay and tooth nerve damage protect teeth for many years. Damaged teeth fillings need to replaced before decay and infection set in. Cavities in teeth need filling and the sooner the better. Tooth Coloured Fillings Perth

Dental implant prices Perth.

Teeth Braces Perth

Braces fix the problem of malocclusion a misalignment 0f teeth such as under bite. Treatment of waring braces can be over a year. It required regular appointments with orthodontists in Perth to adjust teeth for better appearences and occlusion. The cost of braces in Perth is about $7,000

Periodontitis or gum disease treatment in Perth helps to mitigate problems such as bad breath and loss of teeth. Gums recede with age. You might have heard the expression “long in the tooth”. Good dental hygiene reduces the rate of receding gums. Having dental hygienists in Perth regularly remove scale at and below the gum line are part of good dental hygiene.

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