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Affordably priced professional Perth dental implant service near you. Our Perth dental implant specialists at 3 dental clinics in Perth’s western suburbs are ready to help Perthites get a better smile and restored your better chewing. Book a free dental implant checkup / consultation with Perth’s best implant specialists to see if your mouth is suitable for dental implants. After that, an affordable price of dental implanting in Perth is for your consideration.


That FAQ is easily answered. The best Perth dental implant clinics close to you are at Wembley Downs (near City Beach), Doubleview over Scarborough Beach Road from IGA, near Innaloo Shopping Centre and the Seacrest dental implant clinic near Sorrento/Hillary’s Boat harbour.

Phone Perth's best dental implant expert for a free checkup on phone number 9446 1344


What Are Dental Implants?

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants start with a metal screw which screws into bone where or near where the root of your teeth used to be. On top of that implanted screw we implant fitted a very strong, hard wearing fales tooth. The benefits of implanting false teeth in Perth are that it’s done by expert dental implant specialists in a sterile/hygenic dental clinic near you. Not in a foreign land where there is no consumer protection nor insurance cover for dental implants.Dental implants Perth

Perth Dental Checkup

Perth Dental Checkup

A free dental implant checkup is the cheapest dental implant service in Perth’s western suburbs. A checkup can determine if the bones of your mouth are capable of securely holding dental implants. Not every person can be a candidate for dental implants in Perth. For example, jaw bones damaged by fractures or disease might not be capable of embedding dental implants. If a prolonged tooth root infection caused a socket in the jaw, bone grafting might be needed to firm up the jaw bone before a dental implant can be screwed into the jaw.

Health Insurance For Dental Implants?

Does health insurance cover dental implants in Perth? Some health insurance companies such as HBF, BUPA and HCF have health insurance policies covering dental implants. Check your type of policy under “Major Dental” to see the amount of coverage for dental implants.

Dental implant prices Perth.

How much do dental implants in Perth cost in 2024? It’s a common question with the following answer? The price of dental implants in Perth depends on:

  1. If a dentist needs to remove teeth before your dental implant project starts.
  2. Degree of difficulty/time taken to insert dental implants. Back teeth replacement is a bit more difficult
  3. Implant materials used
  4. Complications.
An estimated price of dental implants in Perth, in 2024, per tooth is about $5,000.
Teeth whitening at dental implant clinic in Perth.

Why Dental Implants in Perth?

Unlike cheap dental implants overseas, professional dental implants done in hygenic Perth dental clinics by experienced qualified dental implant specialists are supported by a team of dental staff. Dental implant services in Perth are covered by Australian consumer protection laws and possibly under your health insurance plan.

Going overseas for cheap dental implants?  You’re not protected by Australian consumer protection laws or a professional dental code of conduct against botched dental implants by cheap dental implanters overseas. Implant adjustment and follow-up consultations are not easy.

Perth dental implant information video.
Dental implant information video.
Dental implants Perth.

What Are Benefits of Dental Implants?


  • Appearance
  • Mastication (chewing) of food.
  • Speech. slipping dentures can cause you to mumble words. Dental implants allow you to speak without the worry that teeth might slip.
  • Comfort. No getting irritating food between a denture plate and your palate.
  • Range of foods you can eat.
  • Self-esteem.
  • oral health.
  • Durability.
  • Convenience. Dental implants eliminate the embarrassing inconvenience of removing dentures.

Where Can I Get Dental Implants in Perth?

At the moment we know of 3 good dental implant clincs in Perth’s western suburbs run by very experienced dental implant doctor John Moran. Dr John Moran has clinics with the following phone numbers, located in these Perth suburbs:

  1.  Phone number 9341 7577 or 9341 4600 Wembley Downs near City Beach and near Churchlands.
  2. Telephone 9446 1344 or  9446 4890 Doubleview, near Innaloo and near Scarborough
  3. Phone 9246 1899 or 9246 3077 Sorrento near Whitfords shopping centre and near Hillarys.
We’re looking to recommend dental implant services in Perth’s eastern suburbs. If you’re a dental implant practice manager conact us.


Implant Clinic Opening Hours


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Perth's Best Dental Implant Expert

Dr John Moran dental implant dentist Perth

Dr. John Moran Dental Implant Dentist Perth


When I first visited this Perth dental implant clinic, I wasn’t sure what to go for but they helped me on that. Bringing my smile back is like bringing my happiness back

Mary Cena

Dental implant patient, Perth.

Phone the Perth Dental Implant Specialists

08 9341 7577
08 92463077

2024 price of dental implants in Perth


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