How much do dental implants cost in Perth Western Australia?


How much do dental implants in Perth cost in 2024?

In 2024 cost of dental implants in Perth ranges from $4,000 to $5,000 depending on cost factors:


  1. If a dentist needs to remove teeth before your dental implant project starts. If dental surgery is need to remove teeth before your new teeth are implanted then the cost might be even higher.
  2. Complications such as bone grafting. Past prolonged tooth root infection can cause a socket in the jaw bone. In that case bone grafting is done to firm up the jaw bone before a dental implant are implanted into your jaw.
  3. Degree of difficulty/time taken to insert dental implants. Back teeth dental implants are a bit more difficult.
  4. Price of dental implant materials used.
  5. Cost of xrays.
  6. Price of prosthetic teeth. (Dental implant specialists don’t make the teeth that are implanted into your mouth. The implant teeth are colour matched with your existing teeth and made by a prosthetist like expert Geoff Pepper. 
  7. Post implant adjustments and consultations.
Price of dental implants in Perth
An estimate price of dental implants per tooth in Perth is between $4,000 to $5,000

Are dental implants covered by Medicare?

The cost of dental implants is less if your health insurance policy covers more than major dental care.

Get quotes of affordably priced dental implants in Perth after your free checkup to see if your jaw is suitable for dental implanting services in Perth’s western suburbs.

After checking your suitability for dental implants, you’ll be given a more accurate total price quote for dental implanting services. A second opinion consultation including Xrays of false teeth implanted at another dental clinic costs a few hundred dollars but less with health insurance.

In summary: Prices of the best affordable dental implanting services in Perth Western Australia pricing costs from $4000 to $5000.

Contact us for a free appointment to check your mouth to see if you’re a candidated for dental implant/s in Perth and for a Perth dental implant price quote. Contact Dental Implants Brisbane directly for implant pricing there.

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