Dental Implant Marketing Australia

Digital marketing for dental implant specialists Australia-wide delivers a good return on your 2023 marketing investment. Because of the many years of study and experience to become an Australian dental implant specialist meaning limited numbers of dental implanters, combined with an aging population, the demand for dental implants is high and set to be higher. The law of supply and demand means that dental implant dentists are rightfully so rewarded for their career specialty of dental implanting. Dental implant services are lucrative and where there’s money to be made, online marketing of dental implant services is competitive. Australian dental implant businesses need the best digital marketing to stay ahead of the completion and build a go-to recognisable, local dental implant brand in your area of Australia. My digital marketing specialty is SEO for dental implant service businesses Australia wide.


While I’m based in Perth, dental implant clients across Australia have found my expert SEO Perth services using search engines. Pure Dentistry in Brisbane which specialises in emergency dental services in Brisbane like the fact that I don’t work for their local south of Brisbane competitors. In a few months of them taking on my digital marketing services, their website is more popular than ever because they are near the top of page one of Google for phrases such as “emergency dentist Brisbane“.


Because I’m the best SEO expert in Perth and in fact Australia. See some of my competitive phrase winners such as “brand marketing australia”, “copywriting for seo australia” etc via:

Price of dental implants in Perth
An estimate price of dental implants per tooth in Perth is between $4,000 to $5,000.

Affordably priced dental implant marketing. Scroll down my ugly old SEO prices page (I’m not a web designer. I project manage at cost price web designers who because I give them work have offered to redesign my SEO website for free but I’ve had to say “thank but no thanks, I don’t want you to mess up my SEO”). My monthly low-affordable digital dental implant marketing service is about one-tenth the cost of one dental implant. Do the ROI maths scenario. $500 invested per month in dental implant marketing gets you about 20 enquires. 4 (x $5,000) are suitable for implants and take up your offer of dental implant services but half of that is costs such as clinic rental and support staff, leaving you with $1,000 – my $500. No big deal but additional benefits include:

  1. They tell others how good your dental implant service is in Australia. The grain of rice on the chessboard multiplier effect comes into play.
  2. The opportunity for an upsell to other dental services.
  3. Client loyalty. I work to get dental implant clients to book directly through your website. Not some site that sells leads at a high price. You get to know everything about your dental implant client.
  4. I connect your dental implant brand with NEW customers searching for local dental implant services near me.


What type of dental implant marketing services does Ben‘s expert SEO Perth provide? Firstly I listen to what, where, when, who, of your Australian dental implant business goals. I’m happy to work with your dental implant dentists, practice managers, marketing manager, be they in house or outsourced.

  1. What if I already have a digital marketing agency?
    If you already have a digital marketing agency I can set SEO KPIs so that you’ll know what to expect from your SEO and other digital marketing investments in your dental implant marketing. You might think wow when they report a 100% improvement when you should be getting a 400% improvement. I provide monthly reports on how your digital marketing campaigns are progressing.
  2. SEO. My specialty part of digital marketing. It all starts with keyword research. Since I’ve already done it for previous dental implant clinics, it’s ready to share with you and develop further in a phone hookup, keywords research brainstorming session where we interrogate Google for search volumes of keywords pertaining to your dental implant business. Additionally, I have a list of common keywords for most businesses such as phone instead of call etc, etc.
  3. All SEO plans include analysis, consultation, reporting, map marketing and a bit of social media marketing.
  4. For: Serverside SEO, Help with maintaining page load speed, WordPress updates, uptime monitoring, disaster recovery, and general website problem-solving, I recommend the option of hiring Sam’s Web Support Services business. He’s also based in Perth but supports many of my clients Australia-wide.
  5. Optional SEM. (Search Engine Marketing) for dental implanting businesses.
  6. How long does it take after our dental implant website is tweaked for search engines to detect changes? About 2 weeks.
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