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Free Dental Implant Consultation Perth

Book a free dental implant consultation appointment with our Perth dental implant specialists to check your need and suitability for dental implants and give you a quote.

Not all jaw bones are suitable for dental implants.


Dental implants can be an amazing treatment option,  so how do you know if you’re a candidate? Book a free dental implant consultation in Perth.  To make the process easier for our dental implant patients in Perth WA, we’re offering a complimentary dental implant consultation so you can learn more about this service with no obligation or risk. 

Dental Implant Surgery Perth WA

We try to keep dental implant surgery appointments to a minimum of visits and specialise in pain management.

In some cases if a prolonged tooth root infection caused a socket in the jaw, bone grafting might be needed to firm up the jaw bone before a dental implant can be screwed into the jaw.


About Our Perth Dental Implant Specialist


Dr John Moran is not only a dental implant pioneer in Perth Western Australia but also a civic leader when he represented his constituents in the town of Cambridge.

 His volunteer dental work in Asia is a testament to the caring kind of person this Perth dental implant expert is. For years Dr John Moran has dedicated free dental treatment for disadvantaged people in Australian Aboriginal communities and internationally in places like Timor, as a volunteer dentist for the "Australian Dental Association".

John has built a team of dental implant specialists and support staff at 3 Perth dental implant clinics.