Dental Implants Brisbane

Dental implant Brisbane.

Best specialist dental implant service in Brisbane QLD by doctors specialising in the cosmetic surgery of dental implanting services of false tooth or teeth.


A dental implant is a permanent tooth that is artificial and is used to replace a missing tooth or is used by the dentist to hold a denture in its place. Tooth implants will feel and look natural in your mouth, blend in with your other existing teeth, and restore your broken smile.

Dental implants provide patients with the same functionality as their own natural tooth roots and are considered one of the most reliable tooth/teeth replacement options.

A dental implant has three parts,

  1. Post. The implanted post emulates the root of the tooth and is screwed into the jaw bone.
  2. The connector, also known as the abutment is placed on top of the implant post.
  3. The dental crown is the top part of the implant. it gives the dental implant a natural tooth look.
Good review dental implant service Brisbane.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

  1. Dental implants are cheaper than bridges and dentures in the long term because implants do not require replacement after a few years.
  2. A dental implant is a lasting solution for a missing tooth. For some patients, dental implants last a lifetime.
  3. Dental implants are natural-looking. You can replace the teeth you have lost with a dental implant treatment by our dental implant dentists in Brisbane.
  4. Dental implants prevent bone loss and consequently prevent change in the shape of your face because of bone loss.
  5. Dental implants look like and feel like natural teeth. Most of our implant patients in Brisbane have selected dental implants to restore their chewing ability after missing a tooth. Many people use dental implants to enhance their health and their self-esteem. The best solution to restore a lost tooth is a dental implant, by our Brisbane dental implant experts.
  6. Dental implants prevent bone loss. When a tooth is lost, the bone near the missing tooth starts to recede and dissolve away because it is not required to support the tooth in there. The impact of losing the bone will eventually affect the shape of your face and the impact of losing bone is not limited to just your mouth. The good news with dental implants is that they reversed bone loss. Your implant dentist will check that you have enough bone so that it can support the implant post.

    When it comes to finding the best solution for a missing tooth, most dentists in Brisbane recommend dental implants because compared to a dental bridge, a dental implant preserves the remaining teeth. A dental bridge can prevent dental shifting however, the disadvantage of a dental bridge is that it requires the dentist to cut down the healthy teeth near the missing teeth so that they can be used as anchors for the dental bridge. Some dentists in Brisbane prefer dental bridges to dental implants perhaps because a dental bridge is an easier procedure compared to a dental implant.

    Sometimes, depending on the patient circumstances, a dental bridge may be a fitter option compared to a dental implant. Dental bridges are a good option for patients who cannot undergo minor dental implant surgery procedure

Some patients find living without one or more teeth unhealthy and painful. Some other patients may find that their missing teeth are affecting their level of confidence. They are not confident to speak and smile.

With a dental implant, the missing tooth can be replaced with a false tooth implant that is more durable and natural-looking.


A few months after the post of the tooth implant is surgically inserted into the jaw bone, the implant post begins to bond to the jaw bone. The surgery starts to heal the jawbone around the post. Once healed, a natural tooth-looking crown is connected to the post connector. With your dental implant, you can eat, speak and brush just like your own natural teeth.

For the success of the implant and final restoration, it is important that your implants are reviewed. A review of your dental implant is scheduled for 2 weeks postoperatively. Also, regular implant check-ups need to be maintained. After placement of the final restoration, a review is required 1 week after, then every three months for 12 months. Regular dental check-ups and cleaning need to be maintained for the life of the implant to ensure success.


False tooth roots are surgically implanted into the patient’s jawbone using an implant post to keep artificial teeth secured to a titanium screw post.


A dental implant is not recommended for pregnant women. Most dentists in Brisbane do not recommend a dental implant to young people because jawbone development needs to complete before a dental implant can be used.

Your dentist will check the jawbone to ensure sufficient bone is available.

Our dental implant services in Brisbane’s southern suburbs are at an affordable price near Mt Gravatt just south and near the Brisbane CBD.

The out-of-pocket cost of the implant depends on your health fund and dental insurance coverage. The need for other dental procedures like bone grafting or tooth extraction can also affect the price of a dental implant in Brisbane.

Dental implants require a dentist to undergo extensive extra training and use quality dental materials. This tends to increase the cost of dental implant treatment. A dental implant is a great investment in your health. Our dental implant clinic’s low prices for experienced professional implant dentists and support staff are at affordable dental implant prices in Brisbane’s southern suburbs.

In addition to the price factor, most importantly, make sure that the implant dentist is well-trained and is interested in the “long-term success” of your dental implant because, unlike dental crowns and fillings, a dental implant is a permanent fixture in the mouth. It is important that they stay healthy.

At Pure Dentistry, we use automated systems and modern equipment to keep our overhead costs down. We work hard to provide our implant patients with affordable dental implant prices in Brisbane at Mount Gravatt. Our implant prices are competitive in/near the 4122 postcode area. If you would like to know more about the cost of dental implants in Brisbane book a consultation with our dental implant experts.


In your dental implant consultation, our implant dentist can check your suitability for a dental implant procedure and then provide you with a quote.


Research has shown implant integration to be successful in over 95% of cases. There are many types and sizes of implants and these are chosen based on individual cases. Dental Implants need to integrate with the body in order to be successful. Biological acceptance by the body relies on several factors so it is important that any predisposing factors are addressed. Although it is impossible to predict the longevity of each individual Implant, factors that may be related are overall general health, nutrition, oral hygiene and tobacco use.

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